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Corporate Members Package

Join some of Australia’s leading agribusiness companies, rural industry organisations, banks, communication consultancies and advertising agencies as well as the state’s premier regional print media organisation as a corporate member of Farm Writers’ Association of NSW Inc.

The Benefits

Corporate membership includes the following benefits:

•    Your Corporate Logo displayed on the Association’s website;
•    Free hot link from Association website to your corporate website;
•    Nominate UNLIMITED individuals in addition to your ‘lead’ as contacts;
•    Monthly e-newsletter and timely advice of events to all nominated contacts;
•    Opportunity to reserve a corporate table and to host an unlimited number of guests;
•    Your employees and guests attend at member rates.

Plus the opportunity (rotating) to act as “Corporate Member of the Month”*:

•    Display your corporate banner/flag at that month’s seminar;
•    Distribute marketing material at the seminar;
•    Receive recognition in that month’s newsletter and on the Association’s website;
•    Join the Guest Speaker and Association President at the main table for lunch;
•    Propose the vote of thanks to the Guest Speaker.

*At each of our seminars, on a rotational basis, two of our Corporate Members act as “Members of the Month”. 

This provides an opportunity to host the featured guest and also “showcase” your organisation, in a low-key and cost-free way, to your fellow Association members. 

One of the two “Members of the Month” proposes the ‘vote of thanks’. 

(Whilst the Association endeavours to ensure that members receive the opportunity to act as “member of the month” at least once a year and with a guest of particular interest/relevance to their industry sub-sector, this cannot be guaranteed.)

The Fee

Corporate Member    $370 per year
Join now.